The chef is developing some kind of delicious food... 🤤 Do you think it is? ?

[The only space in Ginza]
Why NB club continues to be selected
・Inside the store with the concept of an overseas social gathering ・Largely arranged seats and popular private rooms ・Unreal space chosen by Osha Leotona ・Live Jazz (currently only pianists)
・Unique servicemen who continue to fascinate the town of Ginza
・Carefully selected ingredients collected from all over Japan are prepared in a recipe that is not bound by genre
★Everybody's envious girl ☆Unforgettable adult dating ★Celebration production that you will never forget ☆Entertaining and meetings that lead to results ★Secret dinner in a private room

In the only space that NBclub has, it promises time for everyone to envy in various situations. It's a sequel.
It's a sequel.
*Store information
▪️ Free Wi-Fi available
▪️ Smoking room inside (hidden door)
▪️ Spacious restroom
▪️Wedding , various parties
▪️ Luxury spots
It's a sequel.
It's a sequel.
I hope that customers can come to the store with peace of mind. It's a sequel.
Safety created by NB club (4) Principle
It's a sequel.
① About thorough ventilation measures
Due to the blow-through to the 2nd floor, the structure is such that air does not accumulate much.
It's a sequel.
(2) We use hypochlorous acid to disinfect equipment, equipment and instruments.

③ Thorough physical condition management of staff and mandatory use of masks

④ NB club has plenty of space between seats.
It's a sequel.
Enjoy the peaceful and unique space of Ginza. It's a sequel.
It's a sequel.
We look forward to all the staff.

[Request to customers]
・The following customers should give priority to their health and refrain from visiting the store.
(1) Elderly people
(2) Those who have underlying diseases
(3) Those who have symptoms like a cold
(4)Those who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher-Please cooperate in disinfecting your fingers when entering the store.

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